sound design for film, theatre, and podcasts 2021-2018

compositions for film



Michael Daddona "Fifteen Scores For The Human Shakes Dance Company" (2022, Texas A&M International University Press)
Michael Daddona "Selected Film Scores, Volume 1" (Unreleased, 2022)
Michael Daddona "Selected Film Scores, Volume 2" (Unreleased, 2022)

Malocculsion "Head On Stake" (Decaycast Records, 2021)
Malocculsion "Invisible Operation" (Make Nose Myanmar, 2020)
Malocculsion "Personal War Machine" (Love Earth Music, 2019)
Malocculsion "Renegade Bells For Angela Davis" (Chthonic Streams, 2018)
Malocculsion "Psychosis Industrial Complex" (Ratskin Records, 2016)



The Collapse "The Collapse" (Lewcid Joosebox Recordings, 2020)
Cyborg Eye "The Death of Captain Rhodes" (Ratskin Records, 2019)
Cyborg Eye "Self Titled E.P." (Ratskin Records, 2020)
Coral Remains "Zero Tour: (Ratskin Records, 2016)
Coral Remains "Empire Underwater" (Ratskin Records, 2015)
Coral Remains "MACULAR Edema"  CD+DVD (Ratskin Records, 2015)
Coral Remains "Empire Underwater" (Ratskin Records, 2015)
Nerfbau "Error Swarms" (Resipiscent Records, 2013)
Nerfbau "Dr. Meniere's Sideshow" (Decaycast Recordings, 2012)



Malocculsion, or Michael Daddona, is a sound, visual, and performance artist currently based in Oakland,CA, currently exploring relationships of sound, the body and the exterior space in which they exist, psychosis, mortality, the prison system and the omnipresent entropic trap door of life. Through high tension multimedia performances , videos, photography, sculpture, curation, and other various documents, Malocculsion explores the negative spaces of our perceived realities, and the social and physical spaces that surround us.

Malocculsion/Daddona also curator and Senior Designer/Creative Director for the  RATSKIN Records imprint, founded in 2005, which focuses on documenting and releasing important audio based works in the phonographic, cassette, CD and digital formats. as well as co-founding the Coral Remains project, which is a mobile sound and performance art unit since 2010 , FALSE NONE a cult inspired performance art project, CYBORG EYE, a Italian horror inspired psychedelic offering of nostalgia horror archetypes, as well as curating numerous experimental sound events, art shows, video screenings including the Occular Eyeplugs series as well as many other underground happenings. Daddona was the recipient of the "Curator In Residency" grant at Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland, CA for 2017, The Zoo Labs Artist In Residency Grant in 2020, The Headlands Center For The Arts Artist In Residency and Southern Exposure Alternative Exposures grant amongst many other awards and accolades. In 2022, Daddona is composing seventy five minutes of original sound and music composition for the Human Shakes Dance Company to premiere at Texas A&M International University In Feb 2022